Inclusive Culture

Creating an Inclusive Culture

20 Actions Leaders Can Take to Create (or Maintain) an Inclusive Culture in the Workplace

This book is sometimes referred to as “The ‘A’ List” because each recommended action starts with a verb that begins with the letter A.

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This course is designed to:

  • equip you with knowledge about specific behaviors, resources and tactics you can use to be a champion for diversity and inclusion
  • encourage you to take appropriate risks and set higher standards for your behavior as a champion for diversity and inclusion
  • empower you to take personal responsibility for being a champion for diversity and inclusion in your workplace or community

There are 27 modules / lessons. Each one includes either educational models and facts or a self-directed activity designed to help you strengthen your skills. The content has recently been updated so you’ll find links to resources you can use to expand your knowledge and update your tool kit!


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