Achieving Inclusion Events & Summits

April 2023

Achieving Inclusion Summit 2023

BE BOLD! Avoid Fatigue – Confront Racism – Measure Success

If you are a champion for DEI and want to hear how other professionals in this field are taking action to help shift mindsets, practices and behaviors in the workplace for individuals, teams, and organizations. Join, Tracy Brown, President of Intentional Inclusion, Inc, as she focuses on the various topics that impact DEI in the workplace and supports the development of equitable and inclusive leadership. Tracy brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom forward in each event she hosts. Learn various tips, tricks and techniques designed to achieve inclusion in your everyday interactions.

Have a clear and compelling reason for being inclusive.”

Tracy Brown

Past Events & Summits

Webinar: Different Religions One Workplace

This webinar focused on the benefit of recognizing the diversified religions within your workplace culture and provided tips to enhance relationships with your teams, clients, vendors and community.

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Webinar: Facing Racism

This webinar focuses on Facing Racism and the influence it has on our daily working relationships and overall environment.

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Webinar: Unconscious Bias

This webinar speaks to the power of recognizing how unconscious biases impact our daily working relationships and overall environment.

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Webinar: Confronting & Correcting Microaggressions

This webinar highlights the importance of confronting & correcting microaggressions and designed to help shift your mindset, bring more awareness and remind you of the value of DEI work in the world.

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Real People. Real Results.

The ACHIEVING INCLUSION SUMMIT provides you with advice and examples from real people who will share real results they have experienced.

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