Summit Preview


Real People. Real Results.


As DEI professionals we are responsible for educating and encouraging people to create inclusive organization environments. We must be able to lead with an overall strategy in mind but still respond to daily operational challenges. It’s not easy.

The ACHIEVING INCLUSION SUMMIT provides you with advice and examples from real people who will share real results they have experienced.


Tracy Brown, President of Intentional Inclusion, Inc, will talk with DEI professionals about important lessons they have learned about achieving inclusion in a wide variety of industries and organizations. You will hear from internal leaders who focus their attention in one organization, and you will also be exposed to consultants who work as external influencers and guides.

In other words, you will learn from people who have faced a wide variety of challenges when creating or leading DEI initiatives.


Some featured guests will share the successes they have had. They will tell you what worked for them so you can have examples to refer to in your own organization. Other featured guests will share lessons they learned from initiatives or approaches that didn’t work out, so you might learn from their mistakes. There is no single approach that applies to all organizations.

By attending this Summit you will be able to expand your personal tool kit and validate your personal commitment to DEI.


The ACHIEVING INCLUSION SUMMIT: REAL PEOPLE/REAL RESULTS is for you if you love working as a DEI professional and want to hear what others are doing.

If you are new to DEI and want to learn from the experience of others, you will receive great value from this Summit.

This event is also a great option for you if you have been working in DEI for a while and are ready to replace fatigue and burnout  by learning new, but proven, approaches that have worked for others.

This Summit will help you shift your mindset, renew your energy and learn (or remember) why this DEI work is so important in the world we live and work in today.

Registration Open

Mark your calendars now. Reserve time on all three days to engage with your favorite speakers, learn new information and access valuable resources.


“Inclusion’s not a game … it’s a game-changer!”

Tracy Brown